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Healthy inside and out
The Natural Way is the Healthy Way


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Healthy inside and out

     Hello, just a quick note. If you are experiencing hair loss or scalp damage, using topical products are not enough. First please select products without lanolin, petroleum and mineral oil. The first two will clog your scalp enabling it to breathe in which it needs to heal and clogs your hair leaving it heavy ,oily and  attracting every thing you don't want in the environment. The mineral oil  has no real nutrients that would benefit your hair  and it actually depletes your scalp of it's natural oils requiring you to use more oil than needed.

The Natural Way is the Healthy Way

Hi, I'm new at writting blogs, so here goes.

    As we know, being healthy and feeling healthy is such a boost for your self-esteem. When we think about hair care, usually the body, mind and spirit is over looked. As the old saying goes; "everything on the inside is reflected on the outside" is very true. Eating healthy, exercising and thinking positive is a must for total well being. Our hair has the ability to be healthy, strong and long, but not unless you realize the importance of holistic living. Using natural shampoos, conditioners and cremes are not enough. Why not be concerned about what goes in your body and in your mind instead of only what goes on your hair. It really does not make much sense when you think about it. Being natural is a lifestyle not a hair style.
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