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All proceeds from our gift items support Escofhari Institute Outreach program. Most items are handmade and we do support local artist.

Handmade Acrylic Coaster Set

Designs may vary. Beautiful handmade, blue, multicolor. Trimmed in gold. Can be used as individual coasters are one large coaster. Personal, customized orders accepted! Call- +1 (980) 253-2700

Handmade Acrylic Coaster Set

Mini Sage Bundle

Used for cleansing space and eliminating negative energy.

Mini Sage Bundle

African Print Umbrella Dress- SOLD

Blue, Beige, Black.Beautiful With head wrap. One size fits most

Blue Umbrella Dress

Multicolored Umbrella Dress- SOLD

African print with head wrap . One size fits most.

Multicolored Umbrella Dress

Green-Wood & Bead Necklace

This beautiful choker will enhance any wardrobe.

Green-Wood & Bead Necklace

Woven Elephant Bags- ONLY Purple left

Red, Purple, Green. Roomy over the shoulder bag.

Woven over the shoulder bag.

Black & Red Handbag

Handmade bag with wood handles. Great addition to any wardrobe.

Black & Red Handbag