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Escofhari Institute

Escofharis Holistic House

Enhancing Lives Holistically

An Unforgettable Experience

In 1993, Escoffery A. Babatunde Il, known as Escofhari (Esco) and his wife, Robin witnessed the desperate need for a different way of caring for curly hair after experiencing her own detrimental side-effects from chemicals used to relax hair. Robin suffered with severe scalp burns and significant hair loss after a chemical treatment, which she experienced many times before. This time was different. Unbeknownst to Robin being in the family way, her hormones rejected the application of the relaxer immediately. This detrimental experience reduced her self-esteem and made her feel ashamed and less attractive. 

After countless visits to the salon for unsuccessful restorative treatments she became frustrated with the lack of sensibility and practicality pertaining to the correction and care of her scalp and hair. Robin was even more frustrated with the fact that beauty professionals were insensitive to her in-depth pain and suffering. She could not believe that they actually suggested more of the same hair treatments which damaged her hair initially. In hindsight, Robin references her experience as abuse. This began her journey of self-love and self-discovery.

Escofhari revolutionized the Natural Hair Care industry in the State of North Carolina!

The Journey

Escofhari developed and owns “Tunde’s Botanical Products tm”, the best natural hair and skin care line available today.

These products helped Robin to regain a healthy scalp, while also providing luster and hair growth that was lost due to chemical damage. “Tunde’s Natty Dred Cream”, (named in honor of Dred Scott) also helped to control the eczema on her hands that she suffered with as a child. Tunde’s Products became her healthy haircare and body care regimen. These products are made with the finest ingredients and known for providing supreme benefits for those experiencing hair loss, irritated scalp, skin and body pain. They also have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and can be used from head to toe. Tunde’s Botanical Products are shipped all over the world.

Escofhari being well versed in science, indigenous world history, botanical herbs and oils, inspired his entire family to seek a more holistic lifestyle and its benefits. This included a mindful diet and nutrition, meditating, positive aspects of healing through energy work, self-reflection, self-acceptance and healthier alternatives to pampering. Robin became curious about the philosophy of metaphysics, seeking the truth of existence and understanding the science of who she is as a black woman. Her relation to history, culture, the mind, the body, and the soul principle became intriguing and spiritually awakening. Together, Escofhari, Robin and their 5 sons sought natural health and longevity.

The Novelty

Seeing so many women, men, and children suffering from the ill side-effects of chemicals being used on the hair and causing damage to the scalp and skin, Esco and Robin became passionate about educating individuals about healthy hair care. This was the impetus of their entrepreneurial endeavors in the natural hair care industry.

Improper hair care, the side-effects of chemicals used on the hair, scalp and skin and the lack of health care was extremely disturbing and therefore became an obsession to educate individuals, while also assisting them with creating a means for self-sufficiency. Esco and Robin having a background in cosmetology, decided to create a curriculum based on natural hair care and holistic living. They believe that the two philosophies must work together for the success of the individual.

In blending their ideologies, Esco and Robin decided to establish the “Escofhari Institute”. This school offered a 260-hour curriculum which included natural, healthy hair care, sanitation, holistic living, professionalism, the properties of essential oils, the effects of transferring positive energy and much more. Once the curriculum was successfully completed students were tested, certified and became licensed as "Natural Hair Care and Holistic Living Practitioners”. Not only did they teach healthy hair care to their students, but they also endowed them with the capability to own and operate their own natural hair care businesses. Together they helped their students understand the benefits of self-realization, self-acceptance, and self-preservation.

For over 20 years the Institute provided licensing through their self-regulated board, the "North Carolina Board of Natural Hair Care and Holistic Science”. Unfortunately, in 2010 the Cosmetic Art Board gained approval from legislatures to govern natural hair care in the State of North Carolina. With this new law the North Carolina Board of Natural Hair Care and Holistic Science were prohibited from licensing individuals as Natural Hair Care and Holistic Living Practitioners. This new idea was indeed something that people were reluctant to embrace.

Escofharis Holistic House

Though the physical Institute that licensed individuals was unable to be reestablished, the natural and spiritual component of the curriculum withstood any legislative policy. Escofhari and Robin regained their footing and created a new way of teaching self-care and providing healthy hair care and body services which proved to be an even greater commodity. Like a phoenix rising, The Escofhari Holistic House was born for those that wanted and needed alternative healthy hair care. In this new and iconic establishment, they were able to actually teach people how to do more with less. One of the primary goals of the House was to provide an establishment where people could come for beautiful, healthy styles that lasted with minimum maintenance while transitioning from damaged and relaxed hair into healthy, natural hair or transitioning into beautiful locs. Another healthy goal was to offer relaxation services that not only enhanced your hair and skin, but also your mind, your body, and your soul. All the natural hair care and body relaxation services offered are from a holistic science perspective. Everything used in the care of the client’s hair, skin and body is to enhance them, by not causing destruction, but encouraging healing, self-discovery, and appreciation.

It is important to Escofhari and Robin that their clients recognize their own natural gifts and embody self-esteem. They embody and espouse self-love because it fosters human expansion, gratitude and encourages a curiosity for a more explorative view of themselves and how they fit within the natural order of the world. Knowledge is power and that is why both Escofhari and Robin are proponents of eradicating the self-defeating Eurocentric conceptualization of beauty to which people of color do not prescribe to. They wanted to ultimately express to their clients that the essence of self-acceptance is the key to knowing their moral greatness. Instead of assimilating through hair, Escofhari and Robin teach their clients to love and embrace their natural tight curls, their healthy locs and their divine brilliance.

“Although we may be different hues and different physically, being able to coexist with the critical understanding that we are alike, all originating from the same higher existence, is of essential importance to our wellbeing”.

The universe does not innately differentiate between people. Human beings do that based on physical externalities. We all are gifted with the ability to communicate on extreme levels. By accepting who we are and what we look like as individuals, allows us to appreciate our differences, thus opening a way for a more positive flow of our energy one to another. By passing on that positive energy, we are communicating on a higher level and this is what creates a more humane, compassionate, and unselfish environment, which enhances healing among us all and, for the world.

The Importance of Now

The Escofhari Institute is a 501(c)(3) and currently offers continuing education for licensed Natural Hair Care Specialists and Cosmetologist, workshops, seminars and training in the holistic sciences of natural hair care, holistic living, and life sustainability.

Esco, Robin and their five handsome sons, “The Babatunde Family”, admit that despite the communities initial reluctancy to accept their vision of providing natural hair care and holistic living services, it has made them stronger in many ways. They express their sincere thanks.

 “We are sincerely grateful for all of the beautiful lives we have connected with over the years. It has been an enormous passion to enhance the lives and wellbeing of our communities. Seeing all the transformations has been truly awesome. Witnessing people becoming more confident and having an awareness in thought and action about who and what they are, while also helping others become self-sufficient in their careers, is more than we can ask for in a life filled with amazing joy and accomplishment”.

Esco and Robin look forward to enhancing many more lives in the future. Their prayer is to enlighten and awaken the mind, the body, and the soul of each individual who desires a new way of living holistically. The Babatunde family wishes you all abundant love, peace, and prosperity!

The Babatunde’s

A Big Thank You to, Dr. Marrissa Dick

Escofhari Worldco and Associates, P.O. Box F Sedalia, NC 27342