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Relaxation and Revitalization Services

Tunde’s Cream, Healing Salve & Essential Oils

(Used for moisturizing, skin/scalp manipulations and aromatherapy)

Herbal Scalp Revitalization Treatment -$125 reg. $65 with hair service. 

This treatment is wonderful and extremely beneficial for those suffering with slow growth, scalp disorders, dry hair, or just need some extra relaxation.

Our H-SRT includes an invigorating shampoo, an essential rinse, cool rinse. Once you are on the relaxation table, we perform a full scalp manipulation with a blend of warm essential healing oils, hair and scalp steam for deep oil penetration. All while enjoying our peaceful space with a shoulder heat pad, body massager, aromatherapy, soft light and soothing sounds.

Let us take you away!

Laser Scalp Revitalization Treatment-$105 This treatment is for those severely suffering with thinning, hair loss, forms of alopecia and scalp disorders. This service includes a moisturizing shampoo and an essential rinse for more stimulation. The scalp is then stimulated using high frequency rays that improve blood flow and enhance the absorption of oxygen to the cells, which improves hair growth, while also killing bacteria.

Always a relaxing space for you to enjoy your service.

Reiki Relaxation Body Treatment-$65/ $95(45-60 mins)

This service involves the use of intentional, universal touch energy and healing techniques.

Energy transferred to the body aids in the natural healing of itself on a physical, mental and emotional level.

This healing energy body work helps with circulation, pain, anxiety and physical, mental and emotional stress. Reiki helps the body with the elimination of dis-ease and dis-orders that prevent the body from functioning as it should.

Beginning with the first treatment, the whole body is well on its way to whole balance.

Always a relaxing space with aromatherapy, soft light and soothing sounds.

Reflexology Relaxation Treatment-$65/ $95(45-60 mins)

This service applies pressure and manipulation to areas on the feet and or hands,

Reflex points stimulate connective organs. The stimulation dissipates energy blocks, breaking down crystalline structures and toxins, while allowing the body to naturally heal itself.

This service also includes a warm foot bath, hot steam towels and an essential oil manipulation. Relax in our space with aromatherapy, soft light, and soothing sounds.

Herbal Foot Bath- $47      *       Herbal Hand Bath- $37

A perfect way to enjoy your day. A warm, cleansing, herbal soak, warm steam towels, a revitalizing herbal spritz and an invigorating foot and or hand manipulation. Ahh!

Essential Oils-

Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Spearmint

All skin care Include Botanical Cleanse & Aromatherapy

Herbal Facials- $57 Add Scrub or Mask $7)

How about an awesome facial?

After a herbal cleansing, we apply hot steam towels, a revitalizing herbal spritz, more steam towels, a revitalizing facial manipulation with a special blend of oils for toning and tightening the skin and more steam towels.

All with aromatherapy, soft light and soothing sounds

You are in Bliss!!! 

Skin Peels and Hair Removal

  • Glycolic or Salicylic Peel.                             $ 125
  • Micro current.                                                $ 95
  • Microdermabrasion.                                     $ 125 & up
  • Eyebrow Arch.                                               $ 17
  • Lip Wax                                                         $ 24
  • Chin Wax                                                      $ 32